Newbold Verdon Primary School

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Special Educational Needs & Disability

A child or young person has SEND if they have a learning difficulty or disability which calls for special educational provision to be made for them. A child of compulsory school age or a young person has a learning difficulty or disability if they:

(a) have a significantly greater difficulty in learning than the majority of others of the same age; or

(b) have a disability which prevents or hinders them from making use of educational facilities of a kind generally provided for others of the same age in mainstream schools or mainstream post-16 institutions.

Children in our Autism Unit are allocated places via a local authority panel.

School SEN Policy

Our Autism Unit

SEN Information Report (Local Offer)

Our school designated staff for Safeguarding are:

Heather Causon

Jane Brennan

Cath Capell

Paul Codd

Jane Brennan is our school SENCO